Educating The Educators 

HFI’s post-primary/third level philosophy is changing mindsets through education, motivation and empowerment, which helps staff and teachers to be in control of their own lives. The objectives of Health and Fitness Irelands schools education programme is to to help all staff in the following areas;  health (physical and mental), fitness levels, nutrition/ hydration strategies and exercise options. We recognise the 3 different types of staff that exist – the sporty competitive type that loves sport and plays team or individual sport (type 1), the staff that likes sport but seldom exercises (type 2) and the staff that has little or no interest in physical activity (type 3). We are aware of the importance of physical activity for all staff and its close links to self-awareness, self-confidence and mental health in general. At Health and Fitness Ireland we are experienced and passionate about the health and fitness of our future generation. HFI use experienced and minimum degree holders to implement all training and education.


If teachers are expected to support the mental health of our staff and teach effectively, we must address their mental health and wellbeing. Stressed, exhausted, anxious teachers are not able to provide the psychological support our students  need. The aim of these workshops is to put the mental health of teachers centre stage.

Teacher & Lecturer Education & Training Options

  • Health Awareness Talks (HATs)
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Practical Nutrition ‘Eat on the go’
  • Quality Movement (Health & Safety)
  • Relaxation & Stress Release Techniques
  • Home Training Routines
  • Mindfulness
  • Practical Brain & Body approach to  improving Health & Wellness
  • Staff Resilience & Coping Skills
  • Health Psychology
  • Personal Wellness
  • Meditation

Important information to consider

All workshops can be a stand alone workshop or two/three options may be added together to form a staff training day.