Player Athletic Development Screen

Our health screening is designed to give individuals an overview of their health and help identify risk factors that can lead to health issues. This health screen can be done not only on the players but everyone in the club. HFI will distribute as in depth and highly confidential personalised report including interpretation of results to each individual. HFI will collate all information and present the findings as an overall entity to the HR department. These screens will be carried out on your premises at your convenience. HFI use a state of the art Tanita machine which is segmental and will pick up asymmetrics, weaknesses and imbalances in the body with a 96% accurate rate, making it as accurate as a dexa scan.


Player Athletic Development Screen

Blood Pressure

Lung Function

Body Composition

Body Fat


Segmental Body Composition

Fat Free Mass

Functional Movement Screen

Visceral Fat

Bone Mass

Lean Muscle

Metabolic Testing/Age

Waist to Hip Ratio


Nutrition Analysis 



  • HFI recommend that HAT’s (Health Awareness talks) be delivered approximately one month prior to the commencement of the Health Screen.
  • HFI will assist with promotion of the screen, by supplying promotion posters etc.
  • HFI will supply the club with an information letter to be sent out prior to the screen, outlining procedures of the screen and other important details such as fasting times and arrival times etc.
  • HFI will assist with booking advice and assistance.


  • After HFI have completed the health checks we will distribute the information for each individual, as a detailed report within a week which is in-depth and highly confidential.
  • The results we be stored securely for up to 12 months to compare in a retest situation, as we recommend that the screening process should be an annual event.  Now results can be compared on an individual basis.
  • HFI will collate all information and present the findings as an overall entity to the coaches and managers.
  • Finally, Health and Fitness Ireland will carry out the health screening process on your premises, at your convenience.


NB:   The health screen is a low cost, high profile way to help individuals  improve their own individual health. Screening shows club members that your company is committed to and concerned for their health and wellbeing.  Our health screen identifies lifestyle changes that can improve and maintain good health into the future.