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We are dedicated and passionate about providing an efficient service that will enhance the quality of your students life.

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Whether you are club looking to check the health status of their players, or a coach hoping to up-skill, HFI can help you achieve your goals.

Health Screens

It's important to know where your health stats are and how to help identify risk factors that can lead to health issues in the future.

About uS

Health and Fitness Ireland are a company dedicated and passionate about providing a service that will enhance and improve the quality of our client’s lives by putting them back in control of their own health, fitness, nutritional and wellbeing needs through education, advice and motivation.

HFI’s services are based on all 3 areas of the HFI triangle. These 3 sides, makes it possible to positively affect the individual as a complete unit. HFI have a staff of 26 highly qualified professionals (minimum degree holders) that work in all environments to achieve the best results possible for companies, schools and sporting clubs.

In 2018/19 HFI educated 26,000 pupils in over eighty schools nationally. HFI has also completed teacher training to over 500 teachers in that same time period. HFI also hold a strong presence in the club and county sport environments, assisting coaches in their roles and educating players and athletes to become the best version they can possibly be in their sporting environment. Amazing results have been obtained from people of all walks of life. HFI are an education and training company that hold a strong presence in the corporate and education environments.

Our team

Darren Murray: Sports Performance

Darren Murray

Sports Performance

Daniel Marsh: Sports Science

Daniel Marsh

Sports Science

Mary Ryan: Sports Science

Mary Ryan

Sports Science

Shonagh Harpur: Nutrition

Shonagh Harpur


Tom O Donoghue: Hypnotherapy

Tom O Donoghue


Carmel Donnellan: Wellness

Carmel Donnellan


Muriel Cuddy: Nutrition

Muriel Cuddy


Cyril McGrath: Sports Performance

Cyril McGrath

Sports Performce

Aaron Flynn: Nutrition

Aaron Flynn


David Connolly: Athlete and Player Development

David Connolly

Athlete and Player Development


Louise Jones, Teagasc ----

Health and Fitness Ireland delivered a 7-week program for the Teagasc Horticulture College in the National Botanic Gardens earlier in 2018. This program was part of our personal effectiveness module. HFI had a number of expert tutors delivering lectures in all areas of mental empowerment, nutrition, and exercise. The feedback from all undertaking the program was really good and we look forward to HFI deliver their programs again in 2019.

Walter Dohney, Tipperary County Council ----

With the help and expertise of Health and Fitness Ireland Tipperary county council conducted a full health screen for all our sta, on our premises and their team put our sta at ease throughout the whole screening process. During the screen there were a number of serious health issues identified with participants being referred to their doctors for further tests. Without these screens these issues would have gone unnoticed. I believe this health screening process has the potential to save lives and would recommend using the services of HFI.

Malcom Slattery, New Balance ----

New Balance were looking for a health company to collaborate with in 2018 to roll out a project in the Irish environment, that was both passionate and professional for the welfare of people. We could not have picked a better company to pair up with to reach successful goals and achieve targets planned. The future looks bright with this partnership and we look forward to working closely with HFI well into the future.

Liam O Shea, Tipp FM & Clare FM ----

I spoke to HFI about their education and learning workshops, that they deliver in the corporate environment, throughout the country. Once booked, HFI's support and advice, together with their expertise in the areas of health and nutrition was outstanding.