Post Primary/Third Level

HFI is an established education and wellbeing company that holds a strong presence in the education environment. HFI’s post-primary/third level philosophy is changing mindsets through education, motivation and empowerment, which helps students and teachers to be in control of their own lives. The objectives of Health and Fitness Irelands schools education programme is to to help all students in the following areas;  health (physical and mental), fitness levels, nutrition/ hydration strategies and exercise options. We recognise the 3 different types of student that exist – the sporty competitive type that loves sport and plays team or individual sport (type 1), the student that likes sport but seldom exercises (type 2) and the student that has little or no interest in physical activity (type 3). We are aware of the importance of physical activity for all students and its close links to self-awareness, self-confidence and mental health in general. At Health and Fitness Ireland we are experienced and passionate about the health and fitness of our future generation. HFI use experienced and minimum degree holders to implement all training and education.

HFI Lectures & Talks

HFI deliver individual lectures/talks and also individual practical sessions under the following headings.

> Health Psychology

> Sport Psychology

> Health Nutrition

> Sports Nutrition

> Practical Nutrition

> Periodisation

> HIIT & Circuit training

> Quality Movement

> Mobility & Flexibility

> Speed & Agility

> Strength & Power

> Meditation


HFI Workshop​s

> HEAT Health Exercise and Activity Training

(Full day workshop for students who don’t exercise – any numbers). Health    psychology, quality movement, nutrition and health, HIIT & home training options.

> PAD Player and Athlete Development

(Full day workshop for students who take part in medium to high levels of fitness/sport-any numbers). Sports psychology, quality movement plus corrective exercises, sports nutrition, speed & agility and strength & power.

> FMS Functional Movement Screening

(Half day workshop on body quality movement and corrective exercise

HFI Teacher Training​

If teachers are expected to support the mental health of our students and teach effectively, we must address their mental health and wellbeing. Stressed, exhausted, anxious teachers are not able to provide the psychological support our students need. The aim of these workshops is to put the mental health of teachers centre stage, on an equal footing with that of young people.

Who is responsible for staff well-being and mental health in your school?​

> Health & Nutrition

> Practical Nutrition ‘Eat on the go’

> Quality Movement (Health &          Safety)

> Relaxation & Stress Release Techniques

> Home Training Routines

> Practical Brain & Body approach to      improving Health & Wellness

> Staff Resilience & Coping Skills

> Health Psychology

> Personal Wellness

> Mindfulness

> Meditation

Third Level Continuous Program
Tailor made bespoke programs can be designed for the specific needs of your students to run over several weeks/months.

HFI Coaching Diploma

> HFI Diploma in Coaching

(6 modules of 3 hours per module, designed to create positive new coaches)

> Sports Nutrition

> Sports Psychology

> Sport Periodisation

> Strength & Power

> Speed & Agility

> Functional Movement Screening

  (All lectures and sessions are 2-3 hour in duration)


HFI Junior Student Wellness

(1st to 4th year) Consists of 4 modules (3 hours per module)

Modules Include:

Social Wellness -communication, bullying, healthy relationships, cyber bullying, the impact of social isolation, social Fitness.

Emotional Wellness – emotional coping skills, understanding and improving your emotional connections, quality relationships, feelings management, stress, challenges & difficulties.

Mental Wellness – our belief system, self confidence, protecting self esteem and self worth, the importance of being active, nutrition and hydration.

Intellectual Wellness – thoughts and learning, the health continuum, creativity, effective modelling

HFI Senior/3rd Level Student Wellness

Consists of 4 modules (3 hours per module) Wellness Diploma

Modules include:

Personal Development and Life Balance – personal values, future goals, managing your time.

Brain based Accelerated Learning and Performance (Applied Neuroscience)
creating an environment for the brain to operate at its optimal level controlling the state of being – self assessing, bio feed back markers, visualisation for performance, brain resources.

Resilience and Developing Coping Skills – resilience, coping skills, motivation and confidence.

Sexual Health Education – personal hygiene, safe sex, STI’s, family planning and pregnancy.

3hrs – 1 lecture / 1 Day – 2 Lectures / 4 Modules Wellness Diploma

Changing peoples mindsets through education and empowerment.

HFI are an education and training company that hold a strong presence in the corporate and education environments. 

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