HFI’s Corporate Philosophy

HFI are an established health education and training company that holds a strong presence in the corporate environment. HFI’s corporate philosophy is changing mindsets through education and empowerment. HFI are dedicated to delivering innovative and productive workplace programs, which will help keep employees happy, healthy and motivated. Investing in your most valuable asset – your people – has never been more important because, as every forward thinking employer knows, healthy, motivated employees are the driving force behind every successful business.


The results of our programs are improved health, productive employees, lower healthcare costs, and thriving company performances. Our approach is based not only on science and proven results, but on the principle that any health program should be done for and with your employees, not to them.  People must engage and participate willingly because ultimately, only an individual can make the key lifestyle changes required to improve their physical and mental health. We would encourage an approach to include both management and employees.

We put your company at the heart of everything we do, motivating and empowering your staff to improve their performance/productivity and create a culture of health and wellbeing from the ground up. Our initial approach is through awareness, motivation, and education. It all starts with individuals first becoming more aware of their overall health and how their lifestyle choices measure up. We then provide them with the motivation to change, before arming them with the education and tools they need to make lasting improvement to their health, their performance and their lives. Empowering your employees to take personal responsibility for their physical and mental wellbeing means helping them realise that what they do today has a direct impact on how they feel tomorrow.

HFI only use experienced tutors to deliver in the corporate environment. All our tutors are minimum degree, masters or PHD holders. All our program are research and science based and not opinions and beliefs.

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HFI Strategic Planning

Annually companies plan and organise their staff training for the year.  Advice should be sought by experts, who are qualified and experienced in the domains of health (mental and physical), wellbeing and nutrition. HFI are aware that your companies money and time is valuable. We appreciate your effort and offer our services to assist with the designing of an annual strategic staff training plan. HFI will take time to advise and assist your companies HR department to create a strategic plan which encapsulates every part of health and wellbeing. Following the strategic plan, we will implement a full health screen and/or a staff education and training program designed for the specific needs of your company. HFI will monitor and review this plan in conjunction with your companies HR department to get the best value possible. Once designed HFI also offer to monitor and review this plan, in conjunction with the companies HR department to get the best value possible.

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HFI Screening Process

As part of our corporate package, HFI offer corporate screening. Our health screening packages are designed to give individuals an overview of their health and help identify risk factors that can lead to health issues. Each HFI screening staff team comprises of two nurses, a nutritionist, a health screening technician and an administrator. HFI will distribute an in depth and highly confidential personalised report including interpretation of results to each individual. HFI will collate all information and present the findings as an overall entity to the HR department. These screens will be carried out on your premises at your convenience. The health screen is a low cost, high profile way to help employees improve their own individual health. Screening shows employees that your company is committed to and concerned for their health and wellbeing. Identification of health issues increases workers performance and loyalty. Our health screen identifies lifestyle changes that can improve and maintain good health into the future.


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HFI will carry out the following tests during the screening process:

   > Blood Pressure

   > Cholesterol 

   > Blood Sugar

   > Lung Function 

   > Bone Mass

   > Lean Muscle

   > Stress Analysis

   > Nutrition Analysis

   > Urinalysis

   > Body Composition/Body Fat/BMI

   > Visceral Fat

   > Metabolic Testing/Age

   > Functional Movement Screen

   > Food Intolerance (optional)

   > Prostate Testing (optional)

   > Thyroid Testing (optional)

HFI Education and Training Program

Corporate Education refers to a system of professional development activities provided by HFI to educate employees.  This may consist of formal or informal training.  The simplest form of corporate education may be training programs designed “in-house” for an organisation that may wish to train their employees on specific aspects of their life (health and wellbeing) or personal responsibilities. More formal relationships may further exist where corporate training is provided to employees through ‘lunch and learn talks’ to practical based sessions to challenge workers both physically and mentally through a system of CEUs (Continuing Education Units). The main aim of HFIs Education & Training Program is to add another dimension and depth to training, by involving learners ,as participants, to generating new knowledge that assists an organisation to develop and evolve by caring and helping workers evolve by becoming mentally and physically healthier and happier in their jobs.

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   > Health and Nutrition

   > The Power of the Gut

   > Eating on the Go 


  > Quality Movement

  > Home Training Routines

  > Mindfulness & Meditation


  > Practical Brain & Body Approach to  …..Improving Health & Wellness

  > Stress Release Techniques

  > Personal Wellness


  > Resilience and Coping Mechanism

  > Personal Management …..Development

  > Dealing with Stress

Empowering your staff to perform better

HFI are an education and training company that hold a strong presence in the corporate and education environments. 

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