HFI have wellness clinics open in Clonmel and Waterford. HFI clinics assist with the following: nutritional issues, weight loss/gain, lethargy, bloating, upset stomach, headaches, self-confidence, anxiety, stress, resilience and motivation. Many clients are referred by GP’s and other health professionals. HFI will educate, motivate and empower you with the right tools to make better lifestyle choices which help each individual to achieve a balanced lifestyle for a greater quality of life. We also educate player/ athletes on all aspects of their nutrition and hydration strategies to take them to the next level in their chosen sport. Eating for health is important for all of us to protect us against long term lifestyle illness. HFI will help educate you to improve eating and exercise habits for life. An initial consultation includes a complete nutritional assessment, body composition analysis, full diet history assessment and a plan tailored for you. Follow up visits will focus on maintenance and monitoring your progress. We provide a range of nutritional consultancy services to our corporate clients post screen. These services are tailor made to suit client requirements


HFI Lifestyle Support Services.​

> Heart health
> Sports Nutrition
> Digestive Health
> Weight Management

> Vegetarian Nutrition
> Immune system support
> Healthy Ageing Nutrition support
> Pre/ post Pregnancy Nutrition support

> Skin Health
> Specific Food Intolerance issues
> Cholesterol lowering Nutritional support
> Quality Movement

> Home Training Options
> Corrective Exercises,
> HIIT Options
> Player & Athlete development training


Our aim at HFI is to assist to reach your own specific goals in a structured and time framed manner. HFI also carry out player development training for those serious players or athletes to maximise training or reach their full potential. Looking to get into the best shape of your life? Maybe you want to get back into shape after having a baby? Have you a holiday or wedding coming up that you want to look great for?  Do you just want to feel more relaxed and comfortable in all of your clothes? Maybe you have even been working out in the gym for a while but you’re not seeing the results you had expected. This is probably down to you not using the correct type of exercise, exercising poorly or not using knowing enough information in terms of frequency (amount), intensity levels, timing/duration and type of training. HFI can help you achieve your exercise goals.

Health and Fitness Ireland's mission statement is changing mind - sets through education and empowerment.

Nutritional Support

HFI’s nutritional belief is that each client should eat appropriately for the goals that need to be achieved. Our aim is to help every individual improve their daily nutritional intake from the average individual to the sporting and very active person. We will help the average person to eat a cleaner diet to benefit their lifestyle. The athlete may need to increase his energy input/ intake or may need to increase or decrease muscle mass. We will create an effective nutritional diary that will help you amend your daily eating habits. Client Education is the key to creating healthier lifestyle behaviors. The ultimate aim for HFI when dealing with clients from a nutritional point of view is to know what exactly you are eating, how to prepare it, when to eat it and exactly why you are eating it.

Health and Fitness Ireland's mission statement is changing mind - sets through education and empowerment.

Mental Empowerment

HFI will create a mental framework that will enhance your training effect. Often individuals may lack physiological elements that stop them reaching their nutritional and exercise goals. HFI will assist you in combating these issues. Specific areas such as motivation, goal setting and a combination of other mental elements will assist you in reaching your own personal targets. If you are not mentally strong it will have a detrimental effect on your physical condition. With the best will in the world it is vital that environment of desire and determination is created, hard work and effort should be the bedrock of any successful program. We will support you in creating this environment. Our ultimate aim is to put you back in control of your health and fitness.

Changing peoples mindsets through education and empowerment.

HFI are an education and training company that hold a strong presence in the corporate and education environments. 

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