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Health & Fitness Ireland is a company dedicated and passionate about providing a service that will enhance and improve the quality of our clients lives by putting them back in control of their own health, fitness, nutritional & wellbeing needs through education, advice and motivation.

HFI are an education and training company that hold a strong presence in the corporate and education environments. HFI have delivered in depth health screens, bespoke training programs and dynamic lunch and learns in the corporate world. HFI work in partnership with post primary schools and third level institutes to help educate, motivate and empower students and teachers in the areas of mental and physical health.

HFI clinics offer a number of services to the general public based on all 3 areas of the HFI triangle. Amazing results have been obtained from people of all walks of life.

Moving Health In The Right Direction


HFI are an established education and training company that hold a strong presence in the corporate environment. HFI’s corporate philosophy is changing mind-sets through education, motivation and empowerment. HFI will take time to advise and assist your companies HR department to create a strategic plan which encapsulates every part of health and wellbeing. HFI implement a full health screens for all employees. We also offer a wide range of staff education, training lectures and talks. 


HFI have wellness clinics open in Clonmel an Waterford. HFI clinics assist with the following: nutritional issues, weight loss/gain, lethargy, bloating, upset stomach, diarrhoea, headaches, self-confidence, anxiety, stress, resilience and motivation. Many clients are referred by GP’s and other health professionals.HFI will educate, motivate and empower you with the right tools to make better lifestyle choices which help each individual to achieve a balanced lifestyle for a better quality of life.

Post Primary /Third Level

HFI is an established education and wellbeing company that holds a strong presence in the education environment. HFI’s post-primary/ third level philosophy is changing mindsets through education, motivation an empowerment, which helps students and teachers to be in control of their own lives. We deliver workshops, courses, lectures and bespoke programs for both staff and students in post-primary schools and third level institutes. For further information on HFI’s services click on the link below.


HFI’S club philosophy is to work with progressive clubs to develop dynamic coaches who will create competent and talented players/ athletes. HFI offer coach education in the form of the HFI diploma. We also offer the opportunity to avail of health screening for commitee members and senior players at your club premises. HFI post screen can deliver education workshops to improve lifestyle choices, help the player/ athlete take their performance to the next level.

Changing peoples mindsets through education and empowerment.

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HFI are an education and training company that hold a strong presence in the corporate and education environments. 

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